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Yes! You CAN Manifest A Specific Person Even If They Are In A Relationship Or Married!

Manifesting a specific person, even if they are in a relationship or married, is a topic I get asked about a lot! And despite addressing this subject in previous videos , the question just keeps resurfacing.  Can you truly manifest a specific person, even if they are currently in a relationship or married?  In this blog post (and the accompanying video ), I’ll briefly delve into the principles of manifestation and explain why the answer is a resounding "YES"! I'll explore how focusing on your state of being and internal reality can create profound changes in your external circumstances. Your State of Being Matters The foundation of successful manifestation lies in understanding the importance of your state of being and state of mind.  To manifest anything, including a specific person, you must align your internal state with your desired reality, or outcome.  Instead of fixating on the external circumstances, turn your attention inward and become the person who is already