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Yes! You CAN Manifest A Specific Person Even If They Are In A Relationship Or Married!

Manifesting a specific person, even if they are in a relationship or married, is a topic I get asked about a lot! And despite addressing this subject in previous videos, the question just keeps resurfacing. 

Can you truly manifest a specific person, even if they are currently in a relationship or married? 

In this blog post (and the accompanying video), I’ll briefly delve into the principles of manifestation and explain why the answer is a resounding "YES"! I'll explore how focusing on your state of being and internal reality can create profound changes in your external circumstances.

Your State of Being Matters

The foundation of successful manifestation lies in understanding the importance of your state of being and state of mind. 

To manifest anything, including a specific person, you must align your internal state with your desired reality, or outcome. 

Instead of fixating on the external circumstances, turn your attention inward and become the person who is already living the relationship you desire.

Embrace the End Result

Imagine if you were already in a loving and fulfilling relationship with your specific person. 

In that state of being, you wouldn't be preoccupied with worries about what they're doing, who they're with, or whether they're in contact with you. 

The key is to become so immersed in the vision of your ideal relationship that external distractions lose their power.

Focus on What You Want and Why

Clarify what you truly want and why you desire it. 

Your ultimate goal is not merely to be with a specific person; it is to experience certain emotions and feelings that come with that relationship. In short, everything you desire, you desire it because of how you anticipate you will feel when you have it!

Now things become much easier and less complicated!

You simply identify those emotions, or states of being, you desire to have—contentment, bliss, love, excitement, passion—and start nurturing them within yourself right now! 

By cultivating these positive emotions, you begin to attract any reality or outcome that matches these feelings and states of being! 

And yes! That includes your most cherished desire to be with you Specific Person or ex-lover, even if they are in a relationship or married!

Ignore the 'How' and the 'When'

When manifesting a specific person, avoid getting caught up in the 'how' and 'when' it will happen. Trust that the universe will orchestrate the circumstances perfectly for you. 

Trying to figure out the details and timeline only creates resistance and delays the manifestation process. 

Surrender the 'how' and 'when', and focus only on aligning with your desired state of being. 

The universe operates beyond linear time, and the path to your desire may not always be straightforward. 

Stay patient and maintain unwavering faith in your power to manifest your desires, and in the ability and willingness of The Universe to deliver it to you in the best way and at the best time for all who are involved. 

Stop Stalking on Social Media

One common pitfall people encounter when trying to manifest a specific person is constantly checking their social media profiles. 

This behavior stems from a place of uncertainty and lack, which hinders the manifestation process.

Instead, detach yourself from external validation and evidence. Trust that your inner reality will shape your external circumstances.

Break Free from Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs can act as barriers to successful manifestation. 

If you believe deep down that you can't have the relationship you desire, you will keep attracting circumstances that reinforce this belief. 

Recognize these limiting beliefs and work on shifting your mindset to a place of abundance and possibility.

Focus on Being the Version of Yourself Who Already Has What You Want

Rather than obsessing over the other person or the current situation, focus on becoming the best version of yourself—the person you would be in the ideal relationship. 

As you align with this version of yourself, you naturally draw the specific person who resonates with that energy. Your Specific Person! 


Manifesting a specific person, even if they are in a relationship or married, is entirely possible when you shift your focus from external circumstances to your internal reality. 

By becoming the person who already lives the desired relationship and nurturing positive emotions within yourself, you align with the energy of your manifestation. 

Release the need to control the 'how' and 'when',  and trust that the universe will bring your desires to fruition. 

Break free from limiting beliefs, avoid stalking on social media, and embrace the present moment with unwavering faith. 

Happy manifesting!


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